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Tyas Teacups Y4


Welcome to Tyas Teacups

We are a very special class because we have two teachers – Mrs Curzon and Mrs McLean. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Roberts.  One of class members came up with the name of our class - Mrs McLean, Mrs Curzon and Mrs Roberts are our Teapots, the children are Teacups and the learning is the tea!


Our class room is a busy, fun place where creativity is encouraged and where ‘having a go’ is the most important thing of all. Our class room is tucked away on hte other side of the hall, an Aladdin's Cave of Learning!


In our class, we use Learning Logs. These are personalised books that document our learning throughout the year. They are given out each week on a Wednesday and we are encouraged to be as creative as possible when completing them, by writing, drawing and collaging to explain, consolidate and expand upon what we have been learning each week. We hand them in the following Wednesday and have ‘peer presentations’ where we share our Learning Logs with each other and celebrate excellent work.


Sometimes we will have Talking Homework, where we are asked to talk to people at home before approaching an independent piece of writing. We will also have spellings to learn at home.


We also have what we refer to as "unwritten homework" this is because we should be doing it all the time. "Unwritten homework" includes: working on targets, learning our times tables and reading at least 3 times a week with an adult. There are numerous websites to help us with practising our targets especially for Numeracy.


Notes for Parents:

  • Please hear your child read regularly and sign their reading record. This isn’t just about hearing them read but talking about what they are reading.
  • When your child has "Talking Homework" please discuss their writing plans with them. This will support them when they come to do their writing in school. Children can find writing tricky if they don’t talk through their writing first. Again there is a leaflet on this website that explains this.
  • Please make sure that all school uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled. We advise kits to be in school on Monday and taken home on Friday.
  • Please encourage your child to bring a water bottle to school every day as this will avoid dehydration.
  • Please let the school and the year group teacher know if your child has any allergies (that we do not already know about) or needs to take any medication.
  • Please also let school know if you do not want your child’s unnamed photo to appear on this website.
  • Please ensure your child comes to school suitably dressed for the weather.