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The role of the Governing Body

What type of Governors do we have?

Our Governors are made up of Parents, Staff, Local Authority Representatives and Diocese Representatives.  The Parent governors are normally elected by a parent ballot and the staff governors are elected by a staff ballot.  The Diocese and Local Authority appoint governors to represent their interest in the schools.  Other members of the governing body can be co-opted on by the core members, if it is deemed necessary to do so.

We have 3 sub committees, which are Curriculum, Resources and Remuneration.  All the governors are on the Full Governing Body but may not be on all the sub committees. 

All committees meet termly, unless there is a need to call a special meeting.

Curriculum - This committee looks at content and progression of children's learning and focuses on assessment data.

Resources - This committee is responsible for Health and Safety, Finance, Premises and Human Resources.

Remuneration - This committee is responsible for pay related issues.



What does the Governing Body actually do?
The Governing Body has a strategic role which means they decide what they want the school to achieve and set the framework for getting there (the strategic framework).  This means:
·       setting suitable aims and objectives, 
·      agreeing policies, targets and priorities; and
·      monitoring and reviewing aims, objectives, and whether the policies, targets and priorities are being achieved. 


How do the roles of the Governing Body and the Headteacher work?
The Governing Body takes advice from the Head before taking their own decisions.


The strategic framework is provided by the School Development Plan, the School Improvement Plan or post-OFSTED Action Plan, along with agreed policies. The Governing Body monitor progress, however, we are not responsible for collecting monitoring data ourselves.  Instead we agree arrangements with the Head teacher.  Each Governors has an area of the curriculum that they monitor and will agree with the Head any visits to classrooms.


Working strategically, the Governors use any monitoring evidence to review and evaluate progress against any targets set to see whether a policy is working or needs changing.  The Head can suggest arrangements for monitoring and evaluating particular requirements and policies.


As "lead professional", the Head is responsible for formulating and implementing the policies, for leading the school towards the set targets and for discharging many responsibilities on the Governing Body's behalf, as well as for discharging responsibilities imposed directly on him or her.


The Head provides the Governing Body with appropriate information for the Governors to feel confident that those delegated responsibilities - and the Head’s own responsibilities – are being  met.  The Governing Body ensure we receive sufficient  information to allow us to monitor the school’s achievements and progress, over time and in comparison with similar schools.