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Our Junior Leadership Team

What is the Junior Leadership Team (JLT)?

The JLT are a group of students elected to represent the views of all the pupils in our Federation.  We believe that the student voice is an integral part of improving learning and teaching, as well as the life of the school in general.


Who are the Junior Leadership team?

We have representatives from each class in KS2 who have been elected by their peers, this year our team consists of 11 children. 


How do we know our Junior School Leaders?

Leaders can be spotted around school by the special badges they wear.


When do the team meet?

The Leaders meet two or three times every half term with Mrs Roberts and discuss issues that are important to the school and the children.  Mrs Roberts acts as facilitator to the children and encourages them to gather ideas and opinions from within their classes to share at meetings.

The meetings are run in a formal way with an agenda and minutes noting contributions from the children.