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Our Core Values

This ethos poster encompasses all of our core values. It contains six jigsaw pieces which are taught each half term in the academic year. As the children get older, they build on their previous knowledge about these values. 

We proudly display this poster around both school sites and regularly share and discuss the core values it represents.

Picture 1

The jigsaw pieces each have a half term focus as follows;


Autumn 1 – Identity (to include individual liberty)

Autumn 2 – Fairness and forgiveness (to include truthfulness and friendship)

Spring 1 – Perseverance 

Spring 2 – Respect and tolerance (to include conflict resolution)

Summer 1 – Rights and responsibilities (to include rule of law and democracy)

Summer 2 – Care for our environment


To look at our values in greater depth, we split them into three main areas;