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Our British Values

Promoting British Values


As of September 2014, the Department for Education (DfE) requires all schools to promote the historical and current values that underpin the national identity known as being British. Within this, all schools are required to ensure that the curriculum actively promotes these fundamental British values.

Our communities are located in rural North Yorkshire, as a result of this, we recognise the importance that we celebrate students and cultures from all over the world. Alongside this, the school is keen to support all students in learning about and deepening their understanding of British values, culture and systems.


Fundamental British values are defined by the DfE as:

(a)  Democracy

(b)  The rule of law

(c)  Individual liberty

(d)  Mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs


We have embedded British Values within our school core values.


To help our children remember the British Values, we talk about and refer to this helpful 'handy' reminder;



Some examples of opportunities and activities to promote British Values across our Federation include:


  • British Values are promoted through annual religious educational visits to different places of worship.  
  • In line with National elections and local elections, hold mock elections to promote fundamental British values and provide pupils with the opportunity to learn how to argue and defend points of view.
  • In lessons all students are encouraged to debate and discuss ideas, sharing and defending their beliefs in a way that is collaborative and supportive. 

  • Teachers model positive behaviour and democratic values in their interactions with colleagues and students. 

  • Collective worship and church services are frequently used as vehicles through which groups of children can present to the wider community.
  • Collective worship weekly themes have strong links with our Christian Ethos and British Values. This gives opportunities to share examples of key moments, people or ideas from British history. 

  • Lessons are exploited when appropriate to provide forums in which our students can learn more about and question the notions of liberty, justice, democracy, law, governance, faith and belief systems. We take care to ensure that all our students feel safe, secure and able to celebrate their own and each others’ backgrounds, beliefs and cultural practices. 

  • Having a Junior Leadership Team (JLT) who are voted in by the pupils demonstrating democratic process. Every classroom has a box to give suggestions to the JLT which ensures that all pupils within the school have a voice that is listened to.
  • In the future, for our older children, look to having speakers to include local MPs, journalists, lawyers, human rights workers and war veterans: all of whom provide alternative views on British Values and encourage pupils to take an open and interested approach to the world around them.